Love of The Summerfields by Nancy Moser


Description of Story

If you like Downton Abbey, you’ll enjoy “Love of the Summerfields”

1880 England: the lives and loves of manor and village intertwine. Earl and shopkeeper, countess and clerk—all will be stunned and transformed by a secret that begs to be revealed.

When the Weston family returns to Summerfield Manor at the close of the London social season, both village and manor relax into their normal existence. But for four women, turmoil awaits. Each must battle the restrictions of her position as her faith and character are tested.

ADELAIDE WESTON, the feisty and domineering dowager countess, is thrust out of her carefully structured life of duty by the reappearance of her first love.

RUTH WESTON, the manor’s reclusive, guilt-ridden countess, struggles to emerge from self-imposed exile to embrace her marriage, her family, and the duties of her position.

Ruth’s loyal lady’s maid, MOLLY WALLACE, juggles the demands of her job, the needs of her own tumultuous family, and a secret romance.

And LILA HAYWARD, a shopkeeper’s daughter, finds herself in love with a viscount’s son who’s engaged to Ruth’s spoiled daughter. Lila is sorely tested when she is obliged to act as liaison between the two, putting her in constant contact with the man she loves but can never hope to win.

None of these women expect a decades-old secret to unsettle the balance of her life—and the lives of everyone in Summerfield. Each will have a choice to make between her own happiness and a truth that will turn their carefully-ordered world upside down.

BOOK ONE of the MANOR HOUSE SERIES. Continue the story with Book 2: “Bride of the Summerfields” and Book 3: “Rise of the Summerfields”.

My Review

This book is the first book in The Manor House Series.  This book is one of the greatest books I have read by Nancy Moser.  I love to read books about life in England being royalty and all.  I loved this book so much it was GREAT.

This story is all about the wealth of Summerfield Manor and the lives of the Earl, Countess and just everything.  The story starts out with Molly who is a maid at the manor and I just loved her character.  She loves Morgan Hayward and he asks her to marry him 2 times and she finally says YES and then things happen.  I won’t tell you what goes on, you will have to find out about it when you read it.

Then there are a lot of secrets going on and when they come full circle, you will be totally surprised.  Lady Clarissa Weston and Joseph Kidd plan on marrying until another secret is revealed.

This book is such a good book and I am not going to say anything else about the book or I will spoil the book for you.  You are going to have to pick this book up and read it.

Thank you Nancy Moser for giving us such a GREAT book to read, it was GREAT.  Keep this up so we can read more about this type of books.




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