The Writing Desk by Rachel Hauck

The Writing Desk by Rachel Hauck

Description of Story

From the New York Times bestselling author of The Wedding Dress comes a new captivating novel of secrets, romance, and two women bound together across time by a shared dream.

Tenley Roth’s first book was a runaway bestseller. Now that her second book is due, she’s locked in fear. Can she repeat her earlier success or is she a fraud who has run out of inspiration?

With pressure mounting from her publisher, Tenley is weighted with writer’s block. But when her estranged mother calls asking Tenley to help her through chemotherapy, she packs up for Florida where she meets handsome furniture designer Jonas Sullivan and discovers the story her heart’s been missing.

A century earlier, another woman wrote at the same desk with hopes and fears of her own. Born during the Gilded Age, Birdie Shehorn is the daughter of the old money Knickerbockers. Under the strict control of her mother, her every move is decided ahead of time, even whom she’ll marry. But Birdie has dreams she doesn’t know how to realize. She wants to tell stories, write novels, make an impact on the world. When she discovers her mother has taken extreme measures to manipulate her future, she must choose between submission and security or forging a brand new way all on her own.

Tenley and Birdie are from two very different worlds, but fate has bound them together in a way time cannot erase.

My Review

This is the one of several books I have ever read by Rachel Hauck and it won’t be the last, she was GREAT.  In fact, I loved this book so much I couldn’t hardly put it down.

This book deals with 2 completely different people from different worlds.  Birdie wants to write and she uses a desk and she writes her books but never gets the acclaim that she would love to have.  She has to deal with her mother and what her mother wants her to do (marrying into money marriage, not love) but Birdie only wants one person and he is forbidden to her.

Tenley Roth, who is the granddaughter to the acclaimed author William Roth and she wants to be as good as he is.  She has one book that is really good but then she has a problem getting ideas in her head.  On the way to the awards, her boyfriend, Holt proposes to her but she just can’t say YES.  Then she gets word that her mother who lives in Florida has cancer and she needs Tenley to help her and Tenley goes to her for a while.  In the meantime she meets Jason and sparks start to fly.

There are also things relating to a Writing Desk which was used in 1903 by Birdie and also in 2017 by Tenley.  Amazing that things happen the way that they do.  GREAT story.

I am not going to say anything else about this book or I will spoil it for you.  I would suggest this book to my friends and family.  Again, it is just GREAT, I couldn’t hardly put this book down.  Wonderful story.  Thank you Rachel Hauck for giving us such a GREAT book.



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